Press Release


The Thousand Stars Foundation, a non-profit organization founded in Thailand to promote peace and harmony through mutual dialogs among the various Buddhist traditions of the world, is building the “Tara Great Stupa for Peace and Harmony” on a 68-rai plot of land in Hua Hin, Prachuab Khiri Khan.
To be born as a human being is a very rare event. Thus it is fitting that humans should use their bodies in the way most beneficial to oneself and others. A stupa houses objects that remind everyone of the Buddha and his teachings, and since it lasts for lifetimes, building a stupa thus incur a vast amount of merit since it functions as a focus point of energies and activities related to the teachings of the Buddha and will remain so for centuries.
The Buddha has shown various benefits of building a stupa. These include happiness, prosperity, and joy. Seeing and worshiping the stupa and thus becoming faithful in the Triple Gems, the minds of the faithful will enter the stream of Dharma, eventually leading to Liberation from the cycle of birth and rebirth.
The construction of the Great Stupa comes at a very opportune time, as this year in one in which His Majesty the King, the Great Dharmajara, will turn 80 years old. It is thus fitting that Thai people join hands to build the Great Stupa, which will engender immense benefit both to the land and to the people and all sentience beings.
Those who are interested in donating for the construction of the Stupa, or to learn more about the project, please call Krisadawan Hongladarom at 08-1343-1586, or write her at hkesang@yahoo.com.

“Whoever sees, hears, remembers, or touches the Stupa will receive all the joys of the Buddhas and all the blessings.”

The Buddha

“May the unwholesome deeds of countless Maras be transformed! May evil in the world disappear! May peace happen in the world no matter where it is! May there be a seeing that all phenomena and all things are but vast nature of Emptiness! May the Dharma stay permanent and pervade everywhere in the universe! May the Three Paths flourish without fail!
May the two kinds of merit be of benefit to self and others!”

His Eminence Kuntdrol Mangyal Lhasray Rinpoche

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