Thaksin and Manchester City

Now another post which is definitely not about Buddhism. I read in the news today about Thaksin Shinawatra’s comments on the future of Sven Goran Eriksson’s tenure at Manchester City. Apparently he is thinking of sacking the Swedish manager and replacing him with some even better known names.

This is indeed typical of Thaksin. As one who has endured his tenure as the Prime Minister of Thailand for more than five years, his style of management is that he takes everything to himself. All the decisions go to him, and if things happen that he doesn’t like, then watch out. Whether he is running Shin Corp, Thailand, or Man City, it is all the same. He is the supreme boss. Everybody else is just a decorated item.

Now Thaksin has perhaps forgotten that he is not running Shin Corp or Thailand any more. Running a football club is best left for the professionals who know what they are doing. And there are so many factors that have to be in place for a successful club, not least of which is a good chemistry between the players, the manager and everbody else involved. What Thaksin should be doing is to wait for a little while. From an outside perspective it looks like Eriksson is doing a terrific job at Man City, but this does not seem to satisfy Thaksin.

For those who have not known him, Thaksin loves to set deadlines. You have to deliver this by this particular date, otherwise… This was his style as Prime Minister. Now, folks at Man City are experiencing the same thing Thai people got through until a few years ago.

Note that I am not a Man C fan. My beloved football club has a lot more style. It’s Bayern Munich. Fortunately they are not looking for a new owner any time soon.


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