Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Those of you who follow computer news might know by now that Apple has unveiled a plan for a next major revision of its Mac OS X operating system. The code name now is “Snow Leopard.” Well, I had thought that the next name would be something like “Lion,” but I was wrong and perhaps the people at Apple might be thinking that the name “Lion” should be saved for the last and most powerful version yet. So for now they seem to have settled on the snow leopard, perhaps implying there will be more members of the feline family to come.

Snow Leopard (Uncia Uncia)Well, there is a post here in WordPress about snow leopards. It says that the animal is an endangered species and need to be protected. This, of course, does not imply that Apple’s new Mac OS version is in the endangered species list. But it is good to make the comparison any way. Perhaps Apple might contribute some portion of its Snow Leopard sales to the helping save snow leopards, a majestic creature in the Himalayas and Central Asia.

As for myself, I am still stuck back in the timeline with Mac OS X 10.4, code named “Tiger” (perhaps also in the endangered species list, by the way). I don’t see a reason why I need to upgrade my computer to using the “Leopard” version. My machine works very well. I put it up as a server, which means I turn it on all the time. It serves as the host of the website of the Center for Ethics of Science and Technology and so far it is working very well. The machine is a Macmini, which is really surprising how this little thing could function so well having been continuously turned on for years without any problems. A lot of credit to Apple here!

That is only one part of my connection and perhaps an ongoing love affair with the cats. Another part is that I have five cats at home, and by the way, Apple has not yet named one of its versions “Cats” yet.


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