Firefox 3

Firefox 3As of this writing, I am now downloading the brand new Firefox 3 from Mozilla onto my machine. And by so doing I am contributing to the world record downloading drive, which I am sure with break all the previous records given the high publicity the software has received in recent weeks. What is quite amazing this time is that there are so many languages available for download. However, there is no Thai version yet, which is really surprising given that much smaller languages are available. I don’t where all the Thai programmers are within the open source community. There must be some because there are those who have developed localized software for OpenOffice and something like that. So for now I will have to settle for the American language version.

Firefox 3 promises to be the best software yet for web browsing. This is a tall order and it would be great to see how Microsoft comes up with a response. I have always been a big fan of the open source community, and am now using NeoOffice for most of my writing. The program is still quite slow, but it recognizes Thai fonts perfectly and it is free so I don’t much to complain.

I listened to a BBC video clip on the software and perhaps a chief programmer of the browser told the reporter that what distinguishes Firefox 3 from its predecessor is how the program manages memories and other resources so that it become a faster and leaner program. Take that into consideration, Microsoft. For a list of new features of Firefox 3, go to this link. What I should like most is the ability to zoom into any part of the webpage to watch it more closely. This is a very good feature for someone like me who needs eyeglasses and have a lot of troubles reading small letters.

So I will unpack the file now and try the software. I’ll report back on how the software works.


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