I am now writing this post from a friend’s house in Trondheim, Norway. I will be in Norway and Sweden for three months from now on. This will be a test of my cold weather endurance 🙂 I used to be in a cold country before when I was a graduate student in Bloomington, Indiana in the US. But that was a long time ago and I am now used to the warm, tropical climate of Bangkok. So this will be a change.

I am here as a scholar of the Erasmus Mundus Program in Applied Ethics. I’ll give lectures and talk with students. This is a break from my teaching at Chula, a chance to get to know foreign students and to learn from them.

Trondheim is very different from Bangkok. Apart from the cold, it’s a small town, just like a suburb of Bangkok. And it is very quiet. When you come from a noisy place like Bangkok this is almost eerie and creepy. Somehow the silence gets into you because all the familiar sounds are gone.

The blog will still continue, and the topic will certainly be about Buddhism most of the time. I should have more time to write these posts.


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