What Luang Pu Doon Has Said

Apart from translating Deshung Rinpoche’s Lamdre teaching into Thai, I am also translating teachings of Luang Po Doon Atulo into English. This has already been done one time, but perhaps it does not hurt to do it again 🙂 Luang Pu Doon was a very well respected monk in the lineage of Luang Pu Mun’s forest monk in the Northeast of Thailand. He never gave long teachings; all his teachings were short nd to the point and those who really pondered what he said will gain very profound and valuable insights. Here is one of his teachings:

Suggesting How to Get Rid of Images

The monks continued asking Luang Pu. They said that Luang Pu had taught that all the images one saw with one’s mind were all external things and could not be brought to do any work. They said further that if one was attached inside those images they would get stuck with no further progress. They said further that, since perhaps they might have got stuck in these mental images, they could not escape from them. Whenever they tried to meditate and could get some stillness, they would get stuck in this condition. So they asked Luang Pu for help. Luang Pu suggested the following way to get rid of the mental images:

“Some images are fun to watch, but if you get stuck there it’s a waste of time. An easy way to get rid of them is that don’t watch these images or what is being seen. Look at the watcher, not the watched, and then whatever you would like to see will disappear.”


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