More from Luang Pu Doon

Past Remembrances

When Luang Pu was staying at Wat Yothaprasit, many monks and novices came to pay respect to him and to listen to his teaching. Luang Ta Ploy was one of those monks. He became a monk when he was old, but he behaved himself well. He said to Luang Pu that he had been ordained for quite some time but still he could not cut away his attachment to the past. No matter how hard he tried he still had lapses and thought of the past. He would like to request a skillful means from Luang Pu to help solve his problem.

Luang Pu said:
“Do not let your mind go out and think of these external influences. When your concentration lapses, it is all right. Just bring it back. Do not let the mind think of either good or bad thoughts, or happy or unhappy thoughts. Do not follow after thoughts and do not force them.”


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