Another Gem from Luang Pu Doon

Here is another precious piece from Luang Pu Doon. Enjoy:

Monks Scaring Ghosts

Oftentimes Luang Pu usually gave advice to monks and novices to pay close attention to their meditative practices. One day a large number of monks who were his students came to gather around. They consisted of both junior and senior monks. Luang Pu gave them suggestions that they should search for a good spot in a forest to find a peaceful place, or to stay in caves or mountains and hurried up their practices so that they became free from mental defilements. One monk then said out loud that he did not dare to go because he was scared of ghosts.

Luang Pu retorted immediately:
“What kind of ghosts are scaring monks? It’s only monks who scare the ghosts. and they even set up a movement to scare the ghosts. Think carefully. The objects that the people donated to the monks as a form of making merit, almost of them were dedicated for the memories of ghosts or the deceased, such as the ghosts of their parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters. And we monks? Are we behaving ourselves correctly? what kind of virtue do we have so that the merit could be transferred to the ghosts? Don’t become monks who scare the ghosts.”


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