Rarity of Human Birth

Here is another treasured Dharma snippet from Luang Pu Doon:

“The Buddha’s 84,000 dharma teachings are only skillful means so that people start looking at their own minds. The reason why the Buddha taught so many things is because people’s defilements are so varied. But there is only one way to eliminate suffering, which is nirvana. It is very rare for us to have a chance to practice the Dharma, so if we let this chance go we will lose the opportunity to become liberated in this lifetime. And then you will live with ignorance for a tremendously long time before you will have this chance again. Therefore, when we are born so that we meet Buddhism, we need to be diligent in practice to realize nirvana. Otherwise you will lost this very rare opportunity. When the Dharma is forgotten, sentient beings will live in total darkness for a very, very long time.”


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