Fellow Bloggers

I just had a look at the dashboard of my blog and found that it is linked to by another blog. This blog (Enlightenment Ward) put my blog here under the category of a Buddhist blog by a male practitioner. Some classification indeed. There are also categories of blogs by women practitioners, blogs by monks, nuns and others I didn’t remember.

It is indeed an honor to be linked to by a fellow blogger. And somehow I found it rather odd that this blog is put under the category of a ‘Buddhist blog by a practitioner.’ For one thing, this blog is “mostly” about Buddhism, but not “exclusively.” So I talk about other things, such as tennis, Thai politics, the internet, and right now in this blog I’m talking about other blogs. But thanks any way for linking to me. I am sure to link back.

Another thing is that this blog is even not always in English. So Thai readers find it rather difficult to follow it because about 80% of the time this blog is in English, but perhaps English readers might wonder what is going on in some of the posts in Thai. So you can pick and choose.

Maybe I’ll wait until somebody else picks this blog up for other things than Buddhism. Perhaps blogs about “all sorts of topics”. Sometimes there is a classification like this, you know. No, but seriously, this blog is for the most part about Buddhism, and I intend it to be that way.

Enlightenment Ward put me under the category of a “practitioner.” This kind of gave me goose bumps, because the word seems to conjure an image of someone who’s serious, with shaven head, sits cross-legged all the time, etc. But I think I am everything else but that. I do meditate from time to time, but perhaps that is not enough to dampen any surprise that will happen once someone sees me who has heard about me being listed as a practitioner.

But in any case, I am certain that I take at least this part of my Bodhisattva vow seriously — I would like this blog to contribute to sentient beings’s eventual realization of Buddhahood. But there are so many ways to Buddhahood….


4 thoughts on “Fellow Bloggers

  1. NellaLou January 19, 2009 / 1:21 am

    I am a little surprised by your reaction to my link to your blog. By practitioner it is only meant someone who follows the Buddha’s path. That is why I have put a separate category of monks, nuns and teachers. I did not mean to shock or upset you. Or am I reading the tone of your post incorrectly?
    The intention with the lists I have is to let others have some understanding of Buddhist topics from many different viewpoints. And I find your viewpoint most interesting and believe that I and perhaps others can learn something from you.
    As you say many of your posts are related to Buddhism. So that is why I included you. Would you like me to continue to include you? Or would you like me to start another category such as Blogs with Buddhist related topics? Whatever you are comfortable with I am happy to provide as your blog is very interesting.
    Thanks very much for the feedback. And I will check here again if you choose to respond.

    Marnie writer of the above-mentioned blog.

  2. NellaLou January 19, 2009 / 1:50 am

    Hello again
    This post is having an interesting effect on my thinking. I would like to address it in a post on my blog.
    Thanks so much and I would be very interested to know your response.

  3. soraj January 19, 2009 / 6:40 am

    No I am not upset at all. On the contrary I would like to thank you a lot for including me 🙂

  4. soraj January 19, 2009 / 6:45 am

    Hi, it’s 6:42 am in Thailand and I just woke up to find your comments. Please feel free to write about it in your blog. Isn’t it amazing that WordPress has something in it that lets us know immediately what others are writing about our posts?

    Best wishes.

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