Safari 4 Public Beta

Right now I am typing this post in Apple’s new Safari 4 browser. The program has just come out yesterday and is now getting a lot of reviews, most of them positive I think.

If you are familiar with Safari, this browser looks rather the same as the previous ones. However, the main difference is that there is a page called “Top Sites” where you can see all your favorite sites in one glance. The first pages of the sites are displayed in a grid pattern familiar to those who use the Leopard system (10.5). Since I don’t own iPhone or iPod yet, I can’t tell whether this feature looks like the patterns there.

Another thing is that the tabs are now on top of the page itself. This takes a little while to get used to. At first I thought the new tab was not there when I opened a new tab. But then the tabs are on top, meaning that the look and feel of each pages remains the same after a new tab is opened.

There is one thing that Safari has not been able to solve. There are some web sites that the program just can’t open. Take this one as an example — It is a portal for blogs by researchers in Thailand, but Safari just won’t open it. I thought the new version would be able to solve this problem, but it did not. When I opened it with Safari, I got only an empty page.

But after all this is a very good browser. There is also a version for Windows, so you might want to try for yourself. Just go to

There is one serious bug in the browser that either Apple or WordPress will have to handle. When I tried to add a link to a post here, the screen turn opaque as usual, but then I can’t fill in the blank to put in the link, and the screen freezes. So I was lucky to have another tab already open. I closed the frozen tab and open the live one.


One thought on “Safari 4 Public Beta

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