Finally I am a member of the Twitter community. For those who don’t know this, Twitter is like WordPress, only that it is much shorter. You are allowed only 140 characters of posting in your “blog.” No more. This is like sending short messages from the cell phone. In fact Twitter and the cell phone fit each other like hand and glove.

WordPress has receognized the power of Twitter by putting a new widget so that blog readers can have access to the Twitter microblog right inside the WordPress blog. But Twitter has charms of its own. I have been thinking how the limits posed by the 140 characters has some significance. I am reminded of short aphorisms that some philosophers like Nietzsche or perhaps Schopenhauer were doing. Nietzsche has a book consisting of short messages which are not entirely connected. You can read one aphorism and then skip many others and come back and forth.

The purpose of Twitter is originally to let your friends know what you are “up to.” But then one can think up many other applications. One can put up interesting thoughts, short texts which fit with the way of life of people who do not have time to read anything longer than a sentence. See, this post is now more than 200 words long, but Twitter would limit that to 140 characters! No doubt it can hold much more members since it severely limits the length of the post.

So if you would like to know what I am up to, then take a look at the Twitter widget on your right. Or click this link. So there are both ‘macro’ and ‘micro’ blogs. The internet is really amazing.


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