Flowers and Cats around my House

I have got a new mobile phone, which has the capability of taking pictures and sending files via Bluetooth. These are not new technologies, but I just got them on my phone and have been trying them out. So it’s very interesting. Now I don’t need to carry both a camera and a phone because my phone can also double as a camera. It’s really convenient.

So I am sharing with you some of the pictures I have taken around home. Here is one:

Image0001This is the orchid in front of my house that is now blooming. Really beautiful, isn’t it? It’s quite amazing that we can get orchids to bloom considering that we do not pay them any attention they deserve. To all intent and purposes they are being cared for by “the gods,” meaning of course they are left to fend for themselves. We only water them from time to time. This particular one is very durable because this is about the second of third time that it blooms, giving us very beautiful purple catleya right at the gate.

So here is the second picture:

Image0005This is our newest cat, whose nmae is “Dakchung Sering”, but we call her just “Dakchung.” Her name means “Little Tiger, Long Life.” Kris named her this way because of her tiger stripes. She is the darling of the house because of her youth and playfulness. The other cats in the house are really old and they don’t play around that much any more.

My son Ken got Dakchung from his school. At that time she was just a poor looking stray cat looking for food and affection around his school. He had been playing with them for several days before his teachers suggested that he take her home. Which he did, and we allowed that of course. What a lovely cat.

And here is another cat. This one is rather special because she was not a city cat at all, but was born in the forest at Khadiravana. She had been playing and jumping around to catch insects at the place and then we took her home. She is a bit older than Dakchung. But since the two are about the same age they usually play with each other. Her name is “Dunga Lhamo,” meaning “White Conch, Goddess.” I forgot to say that these names are Tibetan, and Tibetans surely know how to give beautiful names!

So here is Dunga:

Image0006She is lying on top of my car. This is her favorite place. She used to stay inside hte house before we got Dakchung but after Dakchung arrived she felt more like staying outside more.

Here is another picture of Dunga:


So these are something I would like to share with you. Perhaps there will be more soon. 🙂


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