Well Tempered Clavier Prelude and Fugue in f# minor, Book II

I am now attending to a seminar on critical thinking and philosophical practice held at the Department of Philosophy here at Chula. There was one commentator who had the view that those who practice or teach critical thinking is an ‘epistemic machine,’ by which he means some kind of automaton that processes information only but with no heart, no feeling at all. I was a bit sickened by this view (to tell the truth), so I fiddled with my (luckily) internet-connected computer and found this gem. It’s an interpretation of Bach’s Prelude and Fugue in F sharp minor from Book II of the Well Tempered Clavier. Of course I can’t listen to the music, but I know this by heart and can imagine what it actually sounds like. So I would like to share this to everyone. Enjoy 🙂


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