More of Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche on Happiness

Here is the remaining portion of Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche’s talk on “Path to Happiness” at Chulalongkorn University that I talked about in the previous post. May all beings be happy and meet with causes of happiness!


Ordinary relaxation depends on external situation, but real happiness comes from inner realization. This is what the Buddhas teach. We have to use our opportunities for good causes. Material things can be either negative or positive, depending on how they are going to be used. We can use the material things to benefit people; we can make differences in their lives through these material things. This is a way to gain merit. Thus wealth can be meaningful. When you die you are left only with your own store of merit. You cannot bring your bank account with you when you die. You can use only another kind of account, the merit account that shows how much merit and demerit you have accumulated in your lifetime. So having wealth is not necessarily a bad thing; it can be a force for good and a considerable amount of merit too, if the wealth is used wisely, which is to benefit those who are in need.

Happiness only comes when you wish and act so that other people become happy. If you think only of benefiting only yourselves, thinking only that you yourself alone shall be happy, then you won’t be happy at all.

Be satisfied with your life. Be content and happy at every moment. Look into yourself. Look at your own mind, and then you will become more relaxed. Do not look up to other people. Don’t think that you need to be as rich as they are, as intelligent as they are, and so on. If we do, then there is no end. We will always look up, up and up and we will not be satisfied with what we have at all. You may aim at a certain level, but once you reach that point, there will be more and more higher up so you will always feel lacking and deprived, no matter how much you have already. Moving up, you will never be able to touch the sky.

Do not waste your life. It is very difficult to be born a human being, so let us not waste this very precious moment when we are human beings who are intelligent enough to understand the Buddhas’ teaching.

Things are always impermanent; they are always changing at every moment. However, many of us do not get this point so they act as if things are always permanent. The result is that they are mired in all sorts of suffering, including wandering around in samsara.

So when you are stressed or depressed, practice meditation. With proper way of practicing meditation, the genuine door toward real and lasting peace and happiness will lie open for us. The goal is to perceive things as they actually are, without any fabrications. Stay focused on things as they simply are. Discover the deep silence inside when your mind becomes still. This silence inside is none other than the happiness that we have been seeking. In that state of true meditation, your mind will simply dissolves into this state of pure, deep state of silence. But if you do meditation incorrectly, you will be full of endless chatters – your mind, instead of being calm and still, will be all the busier and noisier.

During your meditation, all kinds of thoughts will arise. They come spontaneously; they just come. So don’t be alarmed or stressed when thoughts arise. This is a very natural occurrence. What we need to do is just to leave those thoughts where they are, and then they will go away on their own. Don’t try to force the thoughts out of your mind. You will never succeed in doing that. It will only invite more and more thoughts. Then we will realize that there are actually no boundaries between thoughts – all thoughts dissolve into one another. This is the direct entrance into Emptiness, śūnyatā.  This is the state where we are truly free from all stresses, all fabricating thoughts, all defilements. We have full potential, full energy. This is the best way to combat the problem of unhappiness.

We need to practice in order that we can overcome the five poisons that have been afflicting us for so long. Then you don’t need to run around searching for cures anymore. The cure is already there inside your mind.


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