Don’t Think about the Result

A trick in practicing the Dharma is that when you do it, you should not expect any result to come by. To do so would mean that you are thinking ahead and do not focus on the present, which is what you need to do. Many people who are interested in practicing seem to be more interested in getting the result rather than just practicing. For them they want to know whether they are already a Stream Enterer (sotapanna) or not, and what he needs to be in order to become one. But the point of practicing is not just to become a Stream Enterer it is to focus one’s mind so that one gets rid of defilements so that we are free from suffering.

So don’t think of whether you have achieved any level of accomplishment. Just stay in the present. If you think of whether you have become this or that, or what you must do in order to become this or that, you won’t get very far in your practice. It’s like when you practice the piano. Instead of focusing on the piece you are practicing at the moment, you are worried about whether you have achieved the same level of accomplishment as this or that pianist. But then you won’t be focusing on the actual practice of the piece, which is the real point.


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