About Myself

I was born under Gemini ascendant, which they say means that I usually do more than one thing at the same time (not that I am so interested in astrology :-) ). One thing I do is that I teach philosophy at Chulalongkorn University and direct the Center for Ethics of Science and Technology there. Another thing is that I am a member of the Thousand Stars Foundation and am a Buddhist practitioner. For more information, here is my home page.


16 thoughts on “About Myself

  1. Hello,
    My name is Perry. I see that I am listed on your blogroll. Even though I am aware of the possibilities on the internet I am still amazed that I am linked on your page. Thank you. I am grateful for this and all blessings. Peace, Perry

  2. Hi Perry,
    I think I put a link to your blog because I saw something beautiful there. I also saw that you put a link to my blog too. Thanks. :-)


  3. Hello! I am a journalist in California and I would like to interview you for a story on laughter and spirituality. Would you be so kind as to e-mail me with your contact details? Thank you!

  4. hi Soraj
    great blog you have!
    don’t you want to change sidebar links with our blog?
    sorry for writing here, didn’t find a contact form…
    all the best!

  5. Dear Professor Soraj,

    Thank you for sharing the link to your website. I am enjoying your blog, which I have duly bookmarked. Also, thanks for the explanations of your Thai.

    More to come,

  6. I very much admire Buddhism and Philosophy, for both are what seem to be the truest form of knowledge and discovery. You have my respect my friend.

    Kyran Luhrs, Founder of The Ivory Tower

  7. Hi Soraj,

    It’s my first time to visit your blog and am very happy to stumble on it. I’m actually into a project of writing Schopenhauer’s philosophical views in my blog. Like you, I’m also a buddhist practitioner- born in christian family – fell in love with philosophy and spirituality and found buddhism as a spiritual discipline – not institutional religion.

    I will read your blog thoroughly sometime. and meanwhile, I’d love to know from your opinions about the influence of buddhism among other religon like hindu or islam in Germany and Europe.

    Thanks alot.
    Bandung – Indonesia

  8. Hi Wandi,

    Nice to know you, and I am glad you like Buddhism and Schopenhauer. Perhaps we will find something to exchange. I would appreciate your comments on the blog.

    As for the influence of Buddhism in other areas, I think it’s growing, but Buddhism is not a proselytizing religion. So Buddhists expect people to come to them rather than going out to meet people.


  9. I stumbled on your site seeking more information regarding the path I’ve been walking. From your tag cloud I can see there is alot I can learn. Thank you for taking the time necessary to put up all of this information for others to learn from. I’m sure I’ll be stopping back from time to time!

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