On my way to Paris to attend a computer ethics conference, I had a chance to watch ‘Her’, a movie where the main character falls in love with his own operating system (a software program that functions as a personal assistant). The story is quite straightforward; having broken up with his real life wife, our […]

Three Questions on Plagiarism and Chulalongkorn University

Recently I was asked to do an interview with an online newspaper on higher education on the plagiarism by a student at the university. The incidence has sparked worldwide attention. The news article is here, and below is the full text of my interview: *** 1. Do you think this case which has received quite […]

Avatar and Spirituality

Last Saturday my son Ken and I went to see the movie Avatar together. It was Children’s Day in Thailand, and I first thought of taking Ken to the newly opened “Thailand Knowledge Park” at the Central World Shopping Mall. We did spend some time there but in the end we went to see the […]

Future of Internet

I have participated in a survey on the future of the Internet in Thailand. Probably they will disseminate the result soon. If you are interested, here is the URL: http://netfuture.wordpress.com/ I promised them to say something about my ideas about the future of the Net too. Well, I have read some astrology books (not seriously […]

Thaksin and Manchester City

Now another post which is definitely not about Buddhism. I read in the news today about Thaksin Shinawatra’s comments on the future of Sven Goran Eriksson’s tenure at Manchester City. Apparently he is thinking of sacking the Swedish manager and replacing him with some even better known names. This is indeed typical of Thaksin. As […]