Jacqueline du Pre playing Mendelssohn

I accidentally found this very precious gem while searching for videos on Mendelssohn’s songs without words. I did not know that there is a song without words for cello. I have been a fan of Jacqueline du Pre. I think she was one of the best cellist the world has ever known. This is exquisite, as always for Mendelssohn’s music…


Beautiful Green Tara Mantra

It’s a pleasant, sunny, cool Wednesday morning. I decided to stay home today to finish up on backlogged tasks. I also found this very beautiful Green Tara Mantra set into captivating music, so I’d like to share this with everyone. May Tara be with you always.

Praise of the Twenty-One Taras

It is quite well known that the Bodhisattva Tara has twenty-one emanations so that she could help sentient beings in every which way possible. The praise of Twenty-One Taras is one of the most widely chanted and universally loved by Tibetan Buddhists. The first video here presents translated texts of the Praise, accompanied by beautiful pictures and music:

Here is another praise, very beautifully chanted. The words you see in the pictures are those of the Praise to Twenty-One Tara while the words chanted — Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha — is Tara’s seed mantra:

Well Tempered Clavier Prelude and Fugue in f# minor, Book II

I am now attending to a seminar on critical thinking and philosophical practice held at the Department of Philosophy here at Chula. There was one commentator who had the view that those who practice or teach critical thinking is an ‘epistemic machine,’ by which he means some kind of automaton that processes information only but with no heart, no feeling at all. I was a bit sickened by this view (to tell the truth), so I fiddled with my (luckily) internet-connected computer and found this gem. It’s an interpretation of Bach’s Prelude and Fugue in F sharp minor from Book II of the Well Tempered Clavier. Of course I can’t listen to the music, but I know this by heart and can imagine what it actually sounds like. So I would like to share this to everyone. Enjoy 🙂