(Infinite) Extension of Human Lifespan – What Would a Buddhist Say?

I have just returned from Rotterdam where the World Congress of Bioethics was held. It is a big event, with almost 1,000 participants coming from all over the world. The names of the participants look almost an international Who’s Who in bioethics, a broad field that comprises philosophy, sociology, law, medicine and many others. Among […]

How to Care for Dying Children

One of the activities of Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche during his visit to Thailand this year is that he gave a keynote lecture at the international conference on child palliative care at Landmark Hotel in Bangkok. The topic was “How to Care for Dying Children.” Here are some excerpts of what he talked. Rinpoche started by […]

Death and Dying

I am now in a hotel in Singapore, having been invited by the Center for Biomedical Ethics of the National University Singapore to attend a conference on “Death and Dying.” Today is the first day of the conference and it’s a very full program. The presentations were very stimulating, and I learned a lot from […]

Ethics and Contexts, or Is Killing Permissible in Some Way?

One of the interesting topics discussed during the plenary panel last Saturday at the IABU Conference in Wang Noi was on the question whether it is all right in Buddhism to do something that looks really bad but with the right intention, so that the action is not totally bad after all. This came up […]

Hell Beings, Hungry Ghosts and the Like

Last Sunday I accompanied Krisadawan to her talk at the World Buddhist University, which was on the third floor of the World Fellowship of Buddhism Building behind the Benjasiri Park in Bangkok. She talked about “Practice of Tara in the Absolute and Relative” to about twenty or so audience in a rather small meeting room. […]

Post-traumatic Stress

I had a talk with Craig Smith the other day, and we discussed a lot of things, including Buddhism. Craig used to be among the first batch of American students of the late Trungpa Rinpoche, and he is now a meditation teacher as well as policy advocate on the digital divide and the use of […]

Buddha Amitabha and Mindfulness of Death in the Tibetan Tradition

Conference and Meditation Training on “Buddha Amitabha and Mindfulness of Death in the Tibetan Tradition” Room 105, Maha Chulalongkorn Building, Chulalongkorn University 27-28 January 2007 The Thousand Stars Foundation is organizing a conference and meditation training on the Buddha Amitabha and on practicing mindfulness of death according to the Tibetan tradition. ‘Amitabha’ means ‘boundless light’ […]