The Future of Information Ethics

How should we think about the future of information ethics? There are several ways of approaching this question. First of all we need to distinguish between the future of information and the future of ethics. Both of these are important and deserve more substantial treatments than this brief note will allow. Future of information concerns … Continue reading The Future of Information Ethics

Conference Program

Conference Program. The above is a link to the program of the APSAFE Conference, which will be held from November 28 to 30 at Chulalongkorn University. Registration is still open.

International Workshop, “Ethics, Wellbeing and Meaningful Broadband”

International Workshop Ethics, Wellbeing and Meaningful Broadband August 16 - 17, 2011 Chulalongkorn University Introducing broadband to a country such as Thailand has faced a number of challenges. Many of these challenges are regulatory and political in nature. Many groups are vying for a lead position in the broadband game and no one wants to … Continue reading International Workshop, “Ethics, Wellbeing and Meaningful Broadband”