Tammy Won the Second Set and the Match

Now Tammy has just beated the world’s number two Jelena Jankkovic, 6-3, 6-2 to book her place in the quarter final for the first time ever at Wimbledon. Her next opponent will be the reigning champion Venus Williams, the seventh seed. As always, Tammy will be the underdog.

Actually I am not much of a tennis fan. That is to say, I don’t stay up all night to watch a match or anything like that. But this run of victories by Tammy is really a history in the making. I have known her for a long time and admired her work ethic and her personality. She never shows bad emotions on the court, and watching her play against Jankovic, she was very focused and very sharp. She hit the ground strokes like a bullet.

Jankovic, on the other hand, never found her rhythm. She let Tammy dictating her moves since the game one. Tammy took the ball very early and made difficult angles for her so that she had to cover much more of the court than Tammy did. And she made much more unforced errors. It is amazing to see how Tammy actually made a short work of Jankovic, beating her in less than an hour. Considering that Jankovic was a semi finalist at Australian Open and French Open, this is truly amazing, and as I said, a history that is unfolding before our very eyes.

So I will watch the next match against Venus Williams, who has won Wimbledon maybe three times already. But now anything can happen….