International Workshop, “Ethics, Wellbeing and Meaningful Broadband”

International Workshop Ethics, Wellbeing and Meaningful Broadband August 16 – 17, 2011 Chulalongkorn University Introducing broadband to a country such as Thailand has faced a number of challenges. Many of these challenges are regulatory and political in nature. Many groups are vying for a lead position in the broadband game and no one wants to […]

Future of Internet

I have participated in a survey on the future of the Internet in Thailand. Probably they will disseminate the result soon. If you are interested, here is the URL: I promised them to say something about my ideas about the future of the Net too. Well, I have read some astrology books (not seriously […]

Firefox 3.0.4

Good news. Mozilla has released the newest version of Firefox, version 3.0.4, which official recognizes Thai language. So this is long overdue considering that there are around 65 million native speakers of Thai language in the world. Those who would like to install this new version and have the Thai language browser can go to […]