Substance and Emptiness

One of the questions I got from my paper on Spinoza and Buddhism on the Self that I gave at the symposium on "Philosophies in Dialog" the other day was that how could I compare Spinoza's Substance and Nagarjuna's Emptiness. The issue is a very large one and by itself it deserves a whole project … Continue reading Substance and Emptiness

Three Questions about the Future

Recently somebody asked me three questions about what I think about the future. I thought it's interesting so I am posting the questions and answers here. * QUESTION 1: What is your greatest hope for 2021? My hope is that people will come to their senses and seriously start to trust one another and open … Continue reading Three Questions about the Future

The Zen Mind

This is a very good video introduction of Zen and of Buddhist thought in general. I like the part saying that the white cloud and the blue mountain exists "dependently" on each other without one being "dependent" on each other. This is a nice way of putting the Middle Way teaching: